Friday, February 26, 2016

Get out and Dance!

Dancing is a social activity.  For centuries, people on every continent have danced for all kinds of reasons--celebrations, holidays, and usually, just for the joy of dancing.  Assembly rooms in the 19th century were a great meeting place for young people and for older people to see their friends and neighbors.  And the primary activity was dancing!  Even today, we are "entertained" by watching others dance.  Look at the immense popularity of "Dancing with the Stars" and "So you think you can dance?" on television, as well as the long list of movies that are based on dancing.  In the 80's, "Dirty Dancing" took a look back at the dancing of the 1960's and in 2004, Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez asked us the question "Shall We Dance?"
      People still go out to watch people dance, even if they don't dance themselves.  It's fun.  It's social. It's dancing.  And you can be a part of it, too.
     At Modern Steps, we have a social dance party every Saturday night from 7-10pm.  Admission is $15/person.  It's a great time to dance, and for students, it's a great way to practice what you've been learning.  But it's also a different way to meet people, and make new friends.  Lots of people come for an evening out, even if they don't spend a lot of time on the dance floor.  You can relax, and enjoy the music, and have a great time just watching others dance.  We play all kinds of music, so if you don't want to do a particular dance, there's always another option coming up in the playlist.
We also encourage you to go social dancing at other venues around Naples.  On Wednesday and Friday nights, you may see our teachers out at Bills' Steak and Seafood restaurant or at Row Seafood  dancing to some of the live local entertainment here in Naples, like Manhatten Connection.        Wherever there is music, it's always a good time to dance.  So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and dance!
Thelma and Jim at Row Seafood

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Have you seen our new daytime look at Modern Steps?

We love it when you come to our evening parties and see the studio glowing and the couples moving around the room in their party clothes, but have you been to our studio to see us in daylight?

We moved our main entrance and reception area   
What you may not have seen yet are the beautiful colors and new style of our studio.  We hope you will stop by and see the wonderful space that our students enjoy during their lessons.  
The DJ booth had a make-over!
And we'd like to invite you to join us for our Group Class on Sunday afternoons at 2pm.  This is a wonderful way to get more out of your dancing, even if you are a social dancer or haven't had a lesson for a long time. 
Like a new dress, we want to show it off!
 Of course, we would also love to have you become one of our private lesson students. Stop by soon and let's talk about how you can add some ballroom to your life!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Group Classes are Back at Modern Steps!

Be sure to come out for our Group Class on Sundays at 2pm.  This is a great way to really get quality teaching from our professional instructors at an affordable price.  Each class covers a particular dance--in February we will be teaching Rumba the first two weeks and the Waltz the last two Sundays of the month.  The instructors provide a technique, pattern and styling that can be used by every level of dancer.  Beginners should feel comfortable with the attention to basic movements, and advanced students always are given the more advanced recommendations for styling and body positions.  The cost for these classes is $25/person for a full hour of great instruction.  This is a fraction of the cost of private lessons and allows you to learn about dance in a relaxed atmosphere.   And you don't need a partner at a group class!  The gentleman and the ladies often work on their parts separately and then the class rotates partners, so that the everyone gets a chance to dance with the instructor, as well as the other dancers in the class.  SO come on out for some fun and some great dancing--you can always check our calendar at

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

First Party--Dancing on the New Floor!

The wait is over and the floor is glowing at our first party of 2016!  If you haven't stopped by yet, be sure to come out and dance on Saturday nights from 7-10pm--you're gonna love our new "make-over"!
First Party Night!

Marian and Michael

Jim and Pat

Jeff and Else and Friends

Lynn and Carla

Tammy with Bud and Diane

Old DJ--New DJ Booth!

Joanne and Nancy